Welcome to theintelligenttrader.com. Purpose of this website is to demonstrate, that it is possible to be consistently profitable trader even without insider information, superfast computers and algorythms. It is very hard, but it’s possible with dedication and intelligent and disciplined approach to trading.

My name is Michal and I am trader behind this website. I am a retail forex trader with 6+ years of experience. I would like to share my trading journey and approach to markets with other aspiring traders. I dedicated small trading account just for demonstration purposes for this website and my goal is to make 100% annual profit on it, or double my account every year. Time will tell whether this is sustainable goal in the long term. I still make mistakes and there is always possibility of black swan event behind the corner.

Successful (profitable) trading is definitely not easy. Actually it is probably hardest thing you can do, because you are trying to profit from price moves of which you have zero control. It can be extremely frustrating and there is high probability of losing your capital, mainly due to your emotions. But I believe that if one can overcome this uncertainty and emotional pain and put in enough time, effort and dedication, then one have a chance to succeed. That said, day trading is not suitable for everybody.

I don’t provide any financial advice, trading tips or recommendations. I only share my own trading journey and experience with trading and markets with aim to help beginner traders to avoid costly mistakes and learn how to trade properly. Please read about risks before you invest your capital in financial trading.